Reduce Risk & Complications For Australians Buying Real Estate In The USA.


Buying Investment Property In The USA

Right now is the best time to be considering an investment property in the USA. With once in a generation heavilly discounted properties available thanks in no small part to the recent GFC, the USA is offering excellent investment opportunites for the wise investor. Add to that an effectively good exchange rate between the Aussie and the Greenback and you have the potential for a winning combination. The property market in the USA has seen prices crash by up to 60% in some locations, with an overall collapse by 40% across the nation. For this reason, many overseas investors are taking advantage of this market, by purchasing the right properties in the right locations, that are fully tenated, cash flow positive properties that are yielding around 12% annually.

People from Australia and other foreign countries are in a good position to be acting upon this opportunity, due to their favourable exchange rates and in no small part – due to the extremely high costs of local real estate. If you want to find out why this is such a good opportunity right now, the simply visit this page to download our Free Report. We can show you exactly how to choose the right regions to be considering and how to pick the right properties that will ensure a sound investment.

It is not as easy as it sounds, so getting the right advice is crucial to your success. So just how do you go about getting educated on the in’s and out’s of this investment opportunity that the real estate market in the USA is presenting right now?

How Do You Find Out About USA Investment Properties? Firstly as with any investment the standard rule applies. Take your time, do your due diligence and never make a rushed decision. As they say, only fools rush in where angels fear to tread. The US property market is no different. When you see the prices of some properties, you are going to be tempted to brush caution to the wind. Compared to the prices of Sydney and Melbourne real estate, you are going to have your heart skip a beat, so be careful there are traps for the unwary. US Invest is the well established market leader when it comes to getting sound advice from professionals on the ground in the US. So choosing to work with our team is an excellent choice, that will provid you with a number of advantages. If you choose to do this on your own, then the advice and tips on our website will be something that can help you choose wisely.

Our advice is simple and straight forward, just take your time and seek as many qualified advisors as possible. Getting yourself educated about the the US property market and being able to properly analyse the risks and benefits of investing in US investment properties, is going to be a rewarding exercise, as long as you follow the guidelines. So in order to begin your education, we suggest that you download our Free Report which covers all you need to know about the real estate investment landscape of the USA.

This ebook written by Lachlan McPherson, will help you discover:

  • The Global Financial Crisss and What It Means For Investors
  • How To Understand Pricing and What Is A Good Price
  • How To Find The Right Property
  • What Are The Tax Implications
  • What is HOA and Why It Is Important
  • Understanding Property Insurances
  • Legal Ramifications And Keeping Yourself Covered
  • How To Find Reliable Tenants
  • Plus 2 Special Bonuses

US Invest is a company like no other, a company dedicated to helping you capitalise on an investment opportunity, that some say is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just imagine for a moment if you could wind the clock back 25 years to 1989 and you could pick up properties today for what you would have paid back then. $100k for something in Australia that you would pay well over a million dollars. Well it is still possible and you don’t need a time machine to do it. What sort of a difference to your retirement fund, would owing up to 10 investment properties fully paid off with on average, 7 years do for you. US Invest are fully capable of guiding you through the whole process, to set yourself up for true financial freedom. Something that is only just a dream for many hard working baby boomers considering their options and the local investment opportunities in Australia.

We are committed to assisting you every step of the way, from sourcing the right us properties by visiting the locations that pass our 62 point due diligence matrix. With over 6 years experience in helping over 10,000 Aussie’s to not only understand the in’s and out’s of the us property investment market but also to guiding a high number of Aussie mums and dads to bolster their superannuation funds through SMSF or self managed super funds.

What if you are ready to buy us property from Australia? If you are in a position to act and have done your due diligence and are ready to purchase a property in the USA, then the next thing you need to do is get some assistance that will enable you to bring it altogether in the best possible way. Under US law, there are certain steps that have to be fulfilled to ensure you are setting up your investment structure the right way, especially when it comes to the local tax and statutary requirements that must be met. Things such as acquiring a US bank account, setting a company structure (typically an LLC or limited liability corporation. Dealing with the complexities of moving money from one market to another and how to encounter foreign exchange rates. All this and much more can be handled by a professional advisor from US Invest. Not only will you be guided to a clear understanding of all the demands from a technical perspective but we will be here to help make the whole process as efficient as possible.

Should you chose to tackle the us property market on your own, then you will be well advised to pick up our free market report, so that you have the best chance of getting your head around the entire issue.

Why not just click here to download the pdf ebook now?

The ebook, “7 Things You Must Know for Successful US Property Investment” is going to be the valuable resource you should not miss. Whoever you talk to, wherever you get advise, just make sure you are well read on the topic and this way you will be giving yourself the best chance possible to be making a good buying decision.

Tips On Buying A US Investment Property

If on the other hand you decide to utilise the valuable services provided by US Invest, then once you have the fundamentals in place, your pathway to success in the US investment properties market is going to be a whole lot easier than going it alone.

Our team of investment property experts are here to guide you ever step of the way. For the simple matter that we have done it all before. Today there are many people who have successfully purchased properties through the assistance of US Invest and there is no reason whatsoever that you should not be one of the next success stories. Unlike some of the competition in the marketplace, the US Invest 62 point due diligence matrix is going to offer you a clear advantage when it comes to the crunch. There is no point in rushing in from the advice of someone based in Australia, who doesn’t have the local knowledge and experience like the team at US Invest, as there could dire consequences for such a rash decision. Once you are setup, and ready to purchase your first property, you will be able to purchase from any vendor in the US, in the right regions, with the right property for the right price. Knowing and not guessing is crucial here, if you are going to be successful. Being fully equipped with the right know-how, you are going to have confidence when making the final buyng decision.

Don’t be left feeling stressed or paranoid, know before you go as they say. Investing in property can come with many pitfalls, so you need to be covering as many as these as possible. What regions have high vacancy rates, what cities have high ownerships rates, what about local taxes, regulations and property management. Finding good tenants and not allowing your investment to be destroyed through rent in arrears, property maintenance and whole lot more. So exactly where do you go to find US investment properties for sale:

Naturally there are real estate agents with local listing, there are companies that have a large number of listing right across America. On the ground in the US there are localised us investment property companies that specialise in particular services. Going to the web to utilise online services such as, and others. The types of properties that US Invest advise you purchase are properties that in good order, with little to no renovation required. You are strongly advised to avoid properties that may have legal wrangles with neighours, structural defects, clearing of land issues, and properties that most importantly are in areas of high demand with low vacancy rates. This is going to ensure your investment is sound and you get a good yeild or return on your investment. Ideally you will guided towards property to that is – “Cash flow Positive” – from day one. You can forget about spending a dollar to save 30c, as in negatively geared rental properties. It makes far better sense to be getting into properties that produce cash immediately, not somewhere down the track in years to come.

Don’t be fooled by some companies that are offering properties without tenants. These types of properties are referred to as, semi-turnkey. A property that has no tenants and is not currently rented falls under this category. What you need to be finding are turnkey properties with tenants included. The time it takes to find suitable tenants, can be costly. If cashflow positive from day is your aim, then a property that forces you to find tenants is not your best option. However there is one benefit to choosing this route, and that is you have the benefit of finding a suitable renter yourself. But as you can imagine, not the ideal choice if you are located in Australia and your time is precious.

What about purchasing a property as a doer-upperer?

One thing that Aussie’s are typically good at locally, is finding a “fixer-up bargain” or a “renovators delight”. Pouring in the hard yards and coming out rosy with a nice capital gain once the work has been done. TV shows such as “The Block” and “Changing Rooms” have sparked a renovation revolution here in Australia, as everybody wants to get in on the act and leveage the market with a posh makeover.

In the US with the properties US Invest recommends, this is the absolute last thing you want to be doing. Just consider the difficulties of finding tradies, coordinating services and managing a renovation but doing this all remotely from Australia. No, it is just not going to happen. You will end up on the ground and struggling with unfamiliar territory, especially as a foreigner, that can easily be taken advantage of. This in itself is going to blow out the budget and make for some difficult times. You can bet your bottom dollar this is not the way to go about capitalising on the market opportunity in the USA. Especially now, as we see the curve moving up after the market has bottomed out. This has become apparent in most of the busy cities as the US economy moves into recovery. Well there is a whole lot more you need to know, to tackle the us investment properties market with success, that we suggest you take the next step and download our free report. Read other articles, visit our testimonials page, and most of all do yourself a big favour and get educated. This is your best weapon against a poor investment decision. Knowing before going is the way forward. So take advantage of our free resources and good luck with your American real estate investment decisions. We are definitely here to help.